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You have something valuable

that fixes people’s problems and adds meaning to their lives. I’ll teach you how to sell more than just a product and attach a deeper meaning to your message.

Together we’ll tell the story your customers will want to engage with.

Comprehensive Programs

Work face to face with me to add meaning to your message and value to your products. Marketing advice and workshops will develop your vision, refine your mission and improve your offering as you are introduced to BizVisionary’s inner circle of trusted strategic partners.


Re-target your audience to promote your message more effectively and start drawing the type of customers you really want to work with. It's never too late to redefine your company’s message and change the way you are perceived by those you are trying to reach.

When you’re ready to start pursuing larger audiences the small details in the look and feel of your company’s image start to matter a lot more. Together we’ll add consistency and organization to all the ways your company interacts with the world.

Strategy Sessions

Develop your sales funnel and media plan to reach more people in more meaningful ways. I use tested marketing tools and exercises to re-target your ideal customers and re-focus your business. We’ll analyze your audience and competitors to identify the best ways to position your company in the market.


Neil Waldrop

Project Manager

Agriculture Consulting Team

BizVisionary has done a stellar job with all of our graphic design needs over the last 3 years. Paul worked with us to create the face of our construction company and continues to provide quality imaging to tie together our social media and internet presence, as well as on the ground signage for work sites and business frontage needs.

The Process

Any consultant must first understand the problem before he can offer a specialized solution. My clients receive curriculum and prompts BEFORE we meet. This allows me to assess your problems ahead of time so we can be more effective with our session.

Many times, the homework brings ideas to the surface that we can explore in our time together.

Step 1

Select Curriculum

Pay the standard down payment to download easy to digest homework on the topic of your choosing.

Step 2

Finish Homework

Complete the simple prompts and worksheets on your own time. I’ll assess your answers BEFORE we meet.

Step 3

Meet with BizVisionary

Now that I have a better understanding of your problem, we can make the most of our time.

Select Programming

Karen Scott

Multi-Textural Stylist & Educator

Eclectic Beauty, LLC

Paul Hittner is more than just an amazingly talented Graphic Artist. He’s more than that Consultant/Coach EVERY business needs. He is, what his business name implies, a BizVisionary!

I began working with Paul when I was in the process of reinventing myself as I approached 35 years in business. I wanted a fresh new logo and a website. What I got, working with Paul, was far more than I expected!

I could see in my head what I wanted to present to the world, but I had difficulty communicating to someone who would listen, let alone HEAR what I was trying to express. That first meeting with Paul… He not only heard me, he GOT IT! He intently asked me a series of questions that drew my vision out in such a way that brought it to life, outside of my head!

Our meeting was so productive and engaging. I asked if we could meet weekly or biweekly as I work through the process.

He gave me a copy of his branding guide and about 8 pages of prompts and questions that made me dig deep to develop my brand; identify my competitors; qualities of a great logo; my likes and dislikes; refining my marketing strategy; identifying my target market; creating a mission statement and writing my bio. Elements I needed in creating a revised business plan suddenly appeared! I had logos to review that only took 2 revisions! It was exactly what I wanted!!!

We met regularly for several months. Finally, I found someone who heard ME! My sessions with Paul brought to the surface feelings and insecurities that I had held on to for most of my life.

The biggest revelation came when he presented me with a sample of a brochure he created based on what I spoke about my vision. He NAILED IT! But my reaction was one that even I hadn’t expected! I panicked. Over the years, I had built an ornate façade to cover my insecurities. Paul was gracious and empathetic. He saw me as I had always hoped to be seen! But was I really ready?! Could I really live up to the expectation he presented?!

I left that meeting with a charge to complete the work that had been started in me, working from the inside out. Truly, when the student is ready, the master will appear.

While I know that my experience is unique, even to me, I believe that BizVisionary can help any business owner to level up in their business in a more meaningful way. I have most recently started working on a second business, using the same tools from my first. It’s making the process faster and easier.


Master Collection - Brand Development Workshop Series

Answer the questions that a business coach would ask, learn to think like your ideal customer, use the industry tested surveys and business tools that marketing firms use to develop a marketing plan on your own without the cost of hiring a fully staffed agency!

Work through the master collection of brand development workshops by yourself or with your business partners. If you need help answering the questions and coming up with concepts, schedule some sessions with BizVisionary to guide you through the workshops in person.

By exploring the lessons, completing the exercises and answering important questions you’ll gain a better understanding of your company’s core values, your offering, industry, audience and competitors. Completing the series of workshops that make up this book will help you to:

  • Discover Your Niche
  • Improve Your Offering
  • Assess Various Marketing Methods
  • Re-Target for Better Customers
  • Develop Your Marketing Procedures
  • Generate Your Story and Content
  • Create A Winning Logo Concept
brand development workshop

Workbook includes:

  • Vision Board Template
  • Marketing & Sales Lessons
  • Brand-Building Exercises
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brain Storming Sessions
  • Questions & Prompts
  • Business Resources
  • Check Lists
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