• Vision & Mission Development
  • Define & Articulate Your Niche
  • Retarget for Better Customers
  • Features & Benefits Assessment
  • Adding Value to Your Offering
  • Naming & Logo Design
  • Build Your Sales Funnel
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Media Plan Development
  • General Consultancy
  • Sales & Promotional Material Development


Included with structured sessions

Step 1

Choose Your Topic

Select your topic and pay the standard retainer to receive a workshop based on your needs.

Step 2

Receive Workshop

Complete the simple pre-session workshop on your own time. I’ll assess your answers BEFORE we meet.

Step 3

Meet with BizVisionary

Strategy sessions available via video, phone, or in person when inside the DFW area.

Competitor Analysis

Together we’ll examine websites your direct competitors then list which consistent sales points are being offered in your industry and how they are being offered. You’ll learn where you stand in your market and how to stand out. Schedule Now

  Define Your Niche  

What makes you better or different than your competitors? This lesson will show you how to pinpoint what makes you stand out and how to communicate your unique sales proposition. 

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Vision/Mission Development

Develop the “Why” of your business by assessing yourself, your company’s core values and how your business fits into your personal life. Understand where you’re going so you can focus on what’s most important with in your business.

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Re-Target Better Customers

Examine the primary motivations of American consumers then segment and target the motivations and consumer groups you want to appeal to with an offering they can’t resist.

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Add Value to your Offering

Understand how to shift your sales message from talking about what your product is to how your product will improve their lives. This workshop also examines and develops your pricing and closing techniques.

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Marketing Strategy

Which marketing methods will be most effective for your audience? This workshop examines the consumer buying process and how the different channels of promotion fit into your marketing strategy before you invest your time or money.

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Logo Concept Creation

Build your brand the right way by brainstorming with a brand developer focused on making you recognizable and memorable. Discover what makes a logo successful and develop a concept that is appealing, targeted, memorable, authentic, and flexible.

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Media Development

How can your branded marketing material such as digital and print media be improved and what marketing material is necessary for your goals? Discuss the pros and cons of different forms of media with a graphic designer to determine the best path to execute your strategy with in your budget.

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General Consultation

Not sure about the best way to improve your brand and business? Choose which discussion topics and how many to discuss in a free-flow session focused on your individual business needs. No workshop material or homework. Just two visionaries with different perspectives putting their heads together to improve your business.

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Free 15 Min Discovery Session

Complete my simple discovery form to pinpoint your pain points and then discuss them with me in a phone call or Zoom meeting. It’s a chance for me to discover more about you and for you to discover more about BizVisionary.

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LinkedIn Revamp

LinkedIn is an incredible sales tool... if used correctly. Is your profile showing you in the best light? Are your posts building your credibility? What's appropriate connection etiquette? How do the platform's algorithms work? All of this, and more will be covered in this session.

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Comprehensive Coaching Programs

Gain access to the ideas, concepts and perspectives of a brand developer focused on growing you, your ideas, and your business. Book one of the 3-week comprehensive programs and receive the curriculum to assess your business and pinpoint your problems between our sessions.

Comprehensive Coaching Program

This all-inclusive 3 week coaching program includes 3 workshops focused on transforming your business idea from a faceless entity that sells stuff into a relatable and resonating brand that your audience will want to connect with.

    • – Identify and examine your most direct competition
    • – Discuss ways to differentiate your offering from your competitors
    • – Contrast and compare sales points with your direct competitors
    • – Examine external threats and opportunities in the market
    • – Examine company’s internal strengths and weaknesses
    • – Assess and develop your features and benefits
    • – Discover and develop your company’s core values
    • – Improve time and energy management
    • – Define your ideal lifestyle and dream schedule
    • – Visualize and refine your business future
    • – Assess your personal motivations, strengths and weaknesses
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Comprehensive Strategy Program

This all-inclusive 3 week coaching program includes 3 workshops focused on adding more value to your offering and developing a marketing strategy around your existing brand.

    • – Examine consumer motivations
    • – Examine the consumer buying process
    • – Segment your audience and target the most attractive group
    • – Identify and create detailed profiles of your ideal prospects
    • – Analyze your marketing mix
    • – Discuss opportunities and threats with in your market
    • – Examine your internal strengths and weaknesses
    • – Assess and develop your features and benefits
    • – Define and develop your edge in the marketplace
    • – Refine and develop your pricing structure
    • – Examine the pros and cons of various marketing channels
    • – Develop the strategy for your marketing and sales material
    • – Discuss the size and scope of your media plan
    • – Examine the sales funnel concept
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Summarize your company's business philosophy into a personalized and unforgettable image and message made with signals that generate the right feelings and associations in your target audience's eyes.

Captivate Your Audience

With material they can connect with

Promote More Effectively

with consistency and organization

Compel Them To Act

with a unique and undeniable offer


  • configurations
  • alternates
  • incorrect usage
  • functionality
  • typography
  • logo application
  • spacing
  • color palette

Add Flexibility & Consistency
to your message with custom Logo Design
from a professional who cares about your brand's future.

The design process includes 3 to 5 different initial logo prototypes and lots of communication with the client. BizVisionary will recieve feedback from the client which will then be used to refine and revise the prototypes until a final image is reached. All additional business strategy sessions outside of structured strategy sessions are $75.00 / hour. Extra design work done outside of the agreed upon project parameters is priced at $60.00 / hour.

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