Build A Brand

That Lasts

with a comprehensive and personalized approach. Paul Hittner’s 14+ years of project management with startups and companies from various industries has given him the unique perspective and technical skills of a graphic designer, marketer and sales coach all rolled up into one.

Reach More People in More Meaningful Ways

Bring clarity, relatability, consistency and congruence to all the ways your company communicates; both internally and externally. BizVisionary’s comprehensive branding approach uncovers more value in your offering, refines your company’s core values and equips your sales team with compelling curated written copy and custom visual assets.

Start Leveraging your Brand

Through a series of strategy sessions, we develop an official manifesto and blueprint to pull from when communicating on behalf of your organization.  Get the knowledge, tools and support to take control of your organization’s narrative and efficiently scale your marketing.

Trust a Specialist

Work directly with a specialist focused on the long-term integrity and success of your company’s narrative.

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