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Paul did a great job for us in helping us create new visual designs to promote our non-profit. He created a brochure, several large posters that could be used separately or together, as well as a large pop-up banner.

The images he selected are beautiful and the design is compelling. We got great results because Paul is the perfect blend of someone who has great creative ideas and is expert in his field, and who also knows how to listen to the client’s vision for the project and bring it to life.

Paul has been a terrific help in getting my treatment system organized and easy to use.  The way I had been using my system got results in the clinic but it took 3 to 5 sessions for the client to understand the system.  Paul helped me to see it was set up the way I saw the system as a Physical Therapist.  When we worked together to set the system up to communicate the system the way people think, it became much easier for me to teach and much quicker for the client to learn.  I can get clients further faster.  Paul’s work made my system look and function so professionally clients think it will be super expensive and are pleased to find out the reasonable price of the treatment with such value.  The clients love the extensive personalized system they walk away being able to use over and over again.  Paul has added significant value to my BODi Power System and the services I provide to my clients.

BizVisionary has done a stellar job with all of our graphic design needs over the last 3 years. Paul worked with us to create the face of our construction company and continues to provide quality imaging to tie together our social media and internet presence, as well as on the ground signage for work sites and business frontage needs.

Paul Hittner is more than just an amazingly talented Graphic Artist. He’s more than that Consultant/Coach EVERY business needs. He is, what his business name implies, a BizVisionary!

I began working with Paul when I was in the process of reinventing myself as I approached 35 years in business. I wanted a fresh new logo and a website. What I got, working with Paul, was far more than I expected!

I could see in my head what I wanted to present to the world, but I had difficulty communicating to someone who would listen, let alone HEAR what I was trying to express. That first meeting with Paul… He not only heard me, he GOT IT! He intently asked me a series of questions that drew my vision out in such a way that brought it to life, outside of my head!

Our meeting was so productive and engaging. I asked if we could meet weekly or biweekly as I work through the process.

He gave me a copy of his branding guide and about 8 pages of prompts and questions that made me dig deep to develop my brand; identify my competitors; qualities of a great logo; my likes and dislikes; refining my marketing strategy; identifying my target market; creating a mission statement and writing my bio. Elements I needed in creating a revised business plan suddenly appeared! I had logos to review that only took 2 revisions! It was exactly what I wanted!!!

We met regularly for several months. Finally, I found someone who heard ME! My sessions with Paul brought to the surface feelings and insecurities that I had held on to for most of my life.

The biggest revelation came when he presented me with a sample of a brochure he created based on what I spoke about my vision. He NAILED IT! But my reaction was one that even I hadn’t expected! I panicked. Over the years, I had built an ornate façade to cover my insecurities. Paul was gracious and empathetic. He saw me as I had always hoped to be seen! But was I really ready?! Could I really live up to the expectation he presented?!

I left that meeting with a charge to complete the work that had been started in me, working from the inside out. Truly, when the student is ready, the master will appear.

While I know that my experience is unique, even to me, I believe that BizVisionary can help any business owner to level up in their business in a more meaningful way. I have most recently started working on a second business, using the same tools from my first. It’s making the process faster and easier.

BizVisionary was great to work with. Paul’s knowledge of marketing & design and his attention to detail was exactly what I needed to kick off the branding of my real estate business. Paul was able to take my initial ideas and through collaboration help sharpen them into a great design with multiple options and consistent branding.

While looking to make a career change, I reached out to Paul for assistance in creating and designing a resume and letter head that would stick out among other candidates. Paul was flexible, dependable, and fair priced. The resume and letter head looked great and within a month I was offered the job I was looking for.

The parameters for my graphic design projects were quite rigid, and Paul worked within those guidelines to add excellent value. Paul took the time to understand my marketing objectives. His creativity brought forth appealing design elements and proper structure to my marketing pieces, a combination that delivers the intended message with class and style.

BizVisionary has helped grow our business through targeted marketing campaigns, product label design, business coaching and brand development for multiple product lines over 9 years.

Paul’s understanding of graphic impact and the mind of the consumer has allowed us to reach our customers’ expectations with a cohesive company image from business cards and advertisements through product labels and point of sale materials. BizVisionary has helped us share our values and create meaningful messaging across wholesale, retail and direct markets.

Working with Paul made creating my product line a breeze. He was extremely responsive to my emails, texts, and calls. Everything I needed was achieved promptly. It was above and beyond what I was expecting. He was able to take my vision and bring it to life while simultaneously revising and perfecting the idea. I would highly recommend BizVisionary to anybody that is looking for a professional graphic designer. He will definitely be getting more of my business in the future.

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